Think you can afford that $500,000 housE? 

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The thought of purchasing your first home can be scary. After all, a home purchase is a LARGE investment. So, where do you begin?
  1. CALL ME!
  2. That's it!..Just CALL ME and we'll begin the process together.

Now, as your exclusive Buyer's Agent, I provide the following services:
  • Define your ideal home.
  • Assist with locating a lender.
  • Determine your target areas.
  • Locate homes that fit your criteria. 
  • Help you make an offer & negotiate on your behalf.
  • Facilitate appraisal and home inspections.
  • Review closing documents.
  • Help with post closing issues.


Are you a fix and flip or rental-home investor looking for that bargain deal? Well look no further! As your Market Expert, I'll..
  • ​Locate potential deals.
  • ​Streamline the purchase offer process.​

And most importantly, I speak your language, i.e., capitalization rate, capital gains, etc.

Whats my monthly payment?



Using the Calculator.

Intertest Rate: Depends on your credit and type of loan program. For a general figure, use "4.0%"

PMI: private mortgage insurance. Its required when your down payment is less than 20%. It protects the lender if you're unable to pay your note. PMI cost between 0.5% to 2% of the loan amount annually(its paid monthly).

Property Taxes: the percentage varies depending on the county, city, & school district. For a general figure, use "2.60%".

Insurance: for an estimate; use $2000 annually ($167 monthly)

HOA: these fees can be paid, monthly, yearly, or quarterly. And the amount varies. For a general figure, use "$60". 

renters I have something for you too!

Yes, I represent Tenants as well! So, if you're looking for a rental house..
  1. ​CALL ME!
  2. That's it!...Just CALL ME and we'll begin the process together.​

As your exclusive Tenant's Agent, I'll provide the following services.
  • ​Define your ideal home.
  • Determine your target area.
  • Locate homes that fit your criteria.
  • Assist you with the rental application process.